Animated basketball plays
Offense man
Playname: El on-1
Play starts as basic secondary look.  

1 passes to 2 on the wing who looks into 5.  

1 then moves to backside wing off screen from 4.  

3 rolls to backside block.
4 steps out from screen to receive the pass from 2.  

4 then looks hi-lo to 5 or backside block to 3.  

If neither are open, 4 passes to 1 on the wing.
When 1 receives pass from 4, 3 screens across for 5 and then comes to top off screen from 4 for a jump shot.

If 3 doesn't have a shot, we are setup to run weave, with 3 dribbling to either wing and using a hand-off screen for either 1 and 2.
Play submitted by: Chris Calhoun

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