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Playname: Indiana - ucla offense
UCLA Offense

• 1 passes the ball to 2.

• 3 dives down to the weak side block.

• 4 leads and then returns high.

• 2 passes onto 4.

• 5 is on the ball side high post.
• 2 runs his defender into 5 at the high post, then flares out to the top.
• 2 returns the ball to 1.

• As the pass is being made, 4 rubs off 5 into the middle of the key.
• 3 leads their defender into the key, then takes them high away from the basket.

• 1 feeds the ball to 5, as this pass is being made, 2 takes off through the back door for a lay up.
Play submitted by: Matthew Dunstan
Sub category: Offense

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