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Playname: Kobe
LA Lakers

Quick hitter for Kobe Bryant #2 ran against New York Knicks on Christmas Day (2012) in the later stages of the game.

Nash #1 dribbles to the wing.

World Peace #3 flashes down to the ball side corner at the same time Howard #5 flashes to the top of the key/three point arc.
Nash #1 enters the ball into Howard #5 then cuts hard off his shoulder, Howard turns as if he is going to hand it back.

Kobe #2 times his cut and starts to move towards the top.
As soon as Nash #1 comes off, Kobe #2 sprints towards Howard #5 who makes a short pass and screen for Kobe. Nash clears to the corner while Gasol #4 clears to the opposite block.

Kobe takes one dribble past the screen towards the elbow to pull up.
Play submitted by: Troy Culley
Sub categories: Kobe, LA Lakers, Offense

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