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Playname: Low post curl
- 1 brings the ball up on the left wing
- 3 and 5 on the left and right block
- 4 at the right elbow
- 2 in the left corner

As 1 brings up the ball, 3 sets a screen for 4 who moves to the low post to receive the pass from 1.
After setting the screen, 3 moves to the right wing.
If 1 cannot enter the ball into the post to 4, the play can be reversed to the other side, maintaining the same setup to start the play from the opposite wing:

- 2 flashes towards 1, receives a handoff and dribbles hard to the right wing
- 3 clears the right wing and fills the right corner
- 4 comes off of a cross screen set by 5 to establish position on the right block.
Once 1 has entered the ball into the post, he makes a banana cut across the paint.
Meanwhile, 3 moves to the opposite wing.
1 curls around 5 to receive a quick pass from 4.

If the defender of 1 sinks into the paint to beat him to the spot, 1 can flare out to the wing for a jump shot.
1 finishes under the basket.

4 and 5 get in position for a rebound.
Play submitted by: Oskar Zuchowski
Sub category: Offense

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