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Playname: One-hundred man
Play begins with the point guard and the 5 at the top with the rest of the team in a flat set along the baseline.  

The 5 will come up and hold a position, and offer a screen to the 1.

It will be the decision of the 1 to use the screen or not.  

The point guard will come off of one side of the screen and the 5 will roll off opposite of the ball.
The 1 will penetrate until someone stops him.

Now he has three options for a shot.  

He can either pass to the 5 who rolled off the screen for a shot at the elbow, penetrate to the rim for a layup, or kick out to the three who should be dropped into the dead corner for a shot.
Play submitted by: Jason Faulkner
Sub category: Offense

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