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Playname: Pistol
This play is ideal for teams that have multiple ball-handlers and shooters, and mobile bigs.

For this Pistol action, set up 3-out, 2-in, with the bigs high and low.

The 1 starts on the same side as the high big, which should be your 5.

As 1 crosses half court, the 5 pins down for the 4 to flash to the FT line extended to receive a pass.
After passing to 4 at the FT line extended, 1 cuts hard off his shoulder, possibly getting a hand-off going to the rim.

If 1 doesn\rquote t get the hand-off he continues through.
Following this action, 1 & 5 set a baseline stagger screen for the weak side wing, (in this case 2).

If he is wide open under the basket coming off the stagger, 4 passes for the quick finish.

If not, he continues his cut up towards 4 on the outside for a hand-off.

As the cutting wing clears 1 after his screen, 1 flares out to the corner.
As 2 gets the hand-off from 4, 5 is sprinting up to set a quick pick for 2 who continues dribbling towards the middle.

4 dives towards the basket.
As 2 clears the pick, 5 immediately goes to pin down for 3 to lift from the corner for a possible reverse pass.

At this point, a number of scoring options should be available.
Play submitted by: Mbongeni Greg Mpofu
Sub categories: Offense, Offense pistol

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