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Playname: Princeton one
This offense is designed around the Princeton offense.  It has been modified for teaching to younger player.  It teaches ball movement, movement without the ball and defense recognition.  It also enables your players to create on their own by spreading the floor.

It is best to drill your players in the various options and cutting skills before beginning to teach the offensive movements.

• The offense starts out in a 4-out and 1 in formation.  The play starts with the initial pass to the wing.  (Wing player should get open by executing a V-cut.)

If defense is over playing (3) should look for back-cut.
• (2) passes to (3) and executes a V-cut off pick from (5).  (3) should look for (2) cutting to the basket. (Cut by (2) should be down paint area boundary lines.)
• (1) and (4) replace each other. (This should be done on every pass to keep defense honest.)
If (2) does not get the ball, (2) should continue to the three point base line area on the same side.
• (3) passes to (2) and cuts to basket (give and go).
• (2) should dribble out of trap area and look for (3) cutting to basket.
• (1) and (4) should replace each other on pass from (3) to (2).
• If (3) doesn't get the ball (5) should slide down the paint area lines to the low block.
• (2) should look for (5) on the cut.
• If (5) isn't open (2) should reverse the ball to (1).
• (1) should reverse the ball to (4).
• (4) should look for (3) open along the low block area.
• If (3) isn't open, (3) should move out to foul line extended.
• (5) should pop out to opposite elbow.
• At this point the motion continues from the other side.

Back picks and backdoor cuts can be added as options to the offense.
Play submitted by: Jeffery A. Rice

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