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Playname: Push
On transition the point guard decides to dribble push the ball side wing.

2 and 5 set a diagonal staggered/double screen for 4 from the ball side wing.
1 and 4 have a two men game.

2 and 5 set a double stagger for the weak side 3.

Ball will go from 1 to 3 if nothing materialized.
5 flashes high to the free throw line.

1 and 4 prepare for a screen on 2.
2 uses the screens from 1 and 4.

3 after passing the ball to 5 cuts to the weak side.

After 2 passes 1 cuts to the corner.
5 passes to 3 and sets an on ball screen for the pick and roll.

2 fills on top.

If ball is reversed to 2 set play starts.
Play submitted by: Steve Porter
Sub categories: Offense, Transition, Secondary break

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