Animated basketball plays
Offense motion
Playname: Basic motion
1 - point starts up top.

2&3 - shooting guards start down on blocks.

4&5 - forwards start up start up top past 3-point line.

Forwards screen down to the blocks, shooting guards pop up past 3 point line.
1 passes to either wing.
If point guard passed to 2 then he would screen across for 3 who would come to top of 3-point line.

If the pass to 4 isn't open, 4 will screen across for 5.
If the pass to 5 is again not open 2 will reverse ball to 3

Options for wings:
1) #1 look to pass to post player
2) if lane is open then dribble in for the lay up or close range shot
3) if option 1 and 2 aren't open then reverse to top.
3 passes to 4.
3 screens away for 5

1 screens away for 2 if pass is not open.

*Only pass to post from wing if the 4 or 5 players are there because you don't want someone small to have the ball in the post.

**Only exception is if there is another guard defending your guard such as in a man-to-man defense.
If pass to 2 who just came off the screen is not open 4 will reverse ball to top.

And the play continues as before.
Play submitted by: Joe Pierri

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