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Playname: Fville motion
Set up with two low posts and two wings.

Then the point guard passes to either wing.
The wing with the ball looks to pass to the player in the post.  

While that is happening the point after passing has turned and set a pick for the opposite wing.
The wing without the ball runs off the screen to replace the point and cover saftey.
If the pass can't go inside the wing waves the post away.

The post then rolls and sets a screen for the opposite post.

The wing now has two options:
1) Pass the ball back to the point guard, who then passes to the other wing player.  Who is looking to get the pass into the post player after he has screened.
2) Hold the ball and wait for the player to come of the screen.
If the pass is a no go the ball is then passed to the point and the play is reset.

The essence of this play is that the passes/ball rotation needs to be quick and the screens need to be set & used well.
Play submitted by: Trevor Gray

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