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Playname: Motion (2 in 3 out)
We start this play with a 1-3-1 set up.

Player 1 passes to 2.

Player 5 v-cuts deep and reverses to the right high post to place a screen for player 1.
Player 3 covers the position at the top.
Player 4 stays at the left low post, facing basket.

Player 5 screens player 1.
If the situations allows them to, 2 and 1 can play a simple give-and-go.

If they do so, player 4 steps inside, ready to receive a pass or grab a rebound.
Player 1 cuts inside and sets a screen for player 4.

Player 2 now has three possibilities: a pass to 4, to 5 or to 3.

In order to dismantle the defense we choose a pass to 3.
Player 1 rolls off to the left wing. 5 cuts to the left high post.
As soon as player 3 has possession of the ball, 4 cuts towards the right high post.
Player 2 fakes a drive inside and cuts outside.

3 passes to 1.
Player 1 now has three options:

- a pass to 3
- a pass to 4
- a pass to 5

He passes to player 5. At the same time 2 cuts inside.
Player 5 has four options:

- play 1-on-1
- a pass to 2
- a pass to 4
- a pass to 1

Player 2 receives the pass and finishes with a lay-up.
Play submitted by: Martin Overheul
Sub category: Offense man

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