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Playname: Motion special reverse screen
Players 1 to 5 set up in a standard 1 2 2 motion formation.
First 2 players down the court occupy the 2 low post positions and the nest 2 fill in the 2 wide guard positions.  The preference is for 2 and 3 to start off low so that they receive the first pass and the 3 and 4 players are on the post.
It's important to get the spacing correct with the 2 players down low in nice and tight and the 2 players high out wide on the 3 point line at a 45-degree angle to the basket.
Players 2 and 3 screen in for 4 and 5 at the same time.  4 and 5 come off the screens to the positions previously occupied by 2 and 3.
1 passes the ball to one of the two players that have just come off the screens, in this case 3.
1 then makes a diagonal screen for the opposite base, in this case 4.
4 cuts to the center looking for the ball and if 4 does not receive the ball from 3, 4 moves to the position left vacant by 1.
At this stage 3 and 5 can still play a 2-man game.

Note: It is worthwhile explaining to the players that during the play they should be either coming from or going to any one of these 5 positions, otherwise they are "floating" and ruining the play.
3 passes to 4.
5 Screens up for 3 and 3, using the screen, cuts to the basket into the space vacated by 5, looking for the ball from 4.
4 looks to hit 3 cutting to the basket.
5, after setting the original back screen for 3, turns to the ball and receives the ball from 4.
3 has continues after the cut and screens for 1 who cuts to middle into the space vacated by 3 and stops when reaching 3s old position.
5 looks for 1s cut.
4 waits a couple of seconds and as if he had passed the ball to 5 at the start of the play then screens down for the opposite low past in this case 3.
3 cuts to the center looking for the ball from 5 and then moves to occupy 4s spot.
5, having not given 3 the ball when the cut was made, gives the ball to 3 when in 4s old position.
We are now back in sequence number 1 and the play starts again.
Play submitted by: David Dillon

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