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Playname: Princeton pt6 high 1
Unless "chin" is signaled, "high" usually begins when the guard with the ball waves the other one through.

5 rubs off of the cutting guard to the elbow.

1 passes to 5.
After passing to 5, 1 has three options.

He may
1) screen away,
2) back cut, or
3) screen over the ball.
If 1 chooses to screen away, on 1's screen, one player always cuts to the basket and the other one cuts to the ball. For example, in the diagram, 4 reads the defense and curls to the basket. 1 therefore comes back to the ball.

If 4 had come off the screen straight at the ball, then 1 would have cut backdoor.

The opposite wing (3) has moved to the block to set a screen.
The player coming back to the ball (in this case, 1) receives a pass from 5 then dribbles off of his screen.

Meanwhile, as 1 is coming off of 5's screen, 4 is coming off of 3's screen on the block.
1 passes to 4 who can shoot if he is open.
4 may also look at 3 posting up.

When 1 passes the ball, he receives a flare screen from 5 as a top flare situation is created.
Play submitted by: Jon Huggins
Sub category: Princeton

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