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Playname: Princeton pt7 set play 2
This set play begins in a similar fashion to "high". 1 has waved 2 through.

In this play however, 5 cuts to the top of the key rather than the elbow.

1 passes to 5 then cuts in front of him.
As 1 cuts by 5, 1 gets a return pass and dribbles at 4.

This sets up an exchange with 4 receiving a dribble handoff from 1.

After passing back to 1, 5 moves to the opposite block, setting a double screen for 2 with 3.
4 has taken the handoff from 1 and has dribbled across the floor.

2 has come off of the double screen and 4 passes to him on the wing.
If 2 doesn't have a shot, he dribbles back at 4 who cuts to the basket.

1 moves up to the top.

If 4 doesn't get the backdoor pass, he loops to the opposite wing.
2 passes to 1.

On the pass, 3 cuts to the free throw line and receives 1's pass.

5 pins at the basket and looks for a feed from 3.

After 1 passes the ball, he sets a screen for 4 to occupy the defense.
Play submitted by: Jon Huggins
Sub category: Princeton

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