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Playname: Rome-press offense 1
This press offense is designed to beat pressure by using the middle of the floor and stretch out the defense.

2 screens for 1, and then goes deep. 2 becomes our attacker, if he receives the ball, he wants to attack the basket.

4 looks to 1. 5 flashes hard to an unoccupied spot in the middle.
Any time you catch the ball against the press you should have three outlets.

Here 1 first looks up the sideline to 3. Secondly, 1 looks to 5 in the middle, and lastly to 4 on the reverse.

Note that 4 must stay behind the ball to be the third outlet.
If 1 hits 5 in the middle, 5 turns opposite to hit our attacker (2). 2 must put pressure on the defense by "attacking the rim".

3 goes to the basket.
Play submitted by: L. Obermayer
Sub category: Offense special

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