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Playname: Box press break
We have the centre (5) inbound the ball from the baseline, but different rules can be used.

The players on the first line (1 and 2) get open for the ball - they can screen or can simply make a strong cut.  Players should be encouraged to walk toward the ball (to get the defender to move backwards) and then to cut to the ball.

If the ball cannot be passed to one of the players on the first line, the first line players should move to the half way and the second line players (3 and 4) should cut toward the ball.  (not shown)
Once the ball is passed in players must cut to ensure that the following positions are always filled:

Long: The player on the same side as the ball should cut long.  This creates a space for other players to cut into.  The long player should normally be opposite the ball.

Same Side: A player must always be on the same side as the ball, and once pass away.  2 moves into this position.

Diagonal: A player should always be diagonally opposite the ball and one pass away.  4 moves into this position.
Opposite: A player must always be opposite the ball.  5 moves into this position.

This shows the "Box" formation.  The person with the ball always has 3 close passing options and one long pass.
Players looking to receive the pass must not stand still.  If a pass has not been made within a second or so, the Same Side player should move long.

This creates a gap for other players to move into.   There are two basic movements:

Diagonal player moves to same side and Long player moves to diagonal.  The opposite player leads for the ball (moving behind the ball handler if necessary).
An alternative is for the opposite player to moves to the same side position, the diagonal player to move to the opposite position and the long player to again move to the diagonal position.

This movement is keyed by the same side player clearing out.
When a pass is made, players just need to fill the 4 spots.  There is no set movement.

The key is for the same side player to move out if no pass has been made (triggering further movement).  We have the same side player call "rotate" to remind players to cut.
This shows an alternate movement when a pass down the sideline is made.
The same four spots apply on a pass across the court.  Again, there is no set movement.
Again the same movement applies with a diagonal pass.
Play submitted by: Michael Haynes

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