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Playname: Fullcourt press breaks
(1) Standard Set:

5 inbounds the ball. She should loop and see the floor before stepping out of bounds, and make the inbounds pass as deep as possible to a player in motion. Her teammates stretch the defense by spreading out on the floor. 2 is at the ball side elbow, 1 at the weak side elbow. 2 cross screens for 1, then opens to the ball and rolls towards the weak side corner as a possible receiver. 1 comes off the screen and gets the ball from 5. 4 is ready to v-cut and flash to the ball, especially if there is difficulty in making a pass to 1 or 2 (receivers always come to the ball). Once an inbounds pass is made, 5 steps in towards the middle of the lane as a trailer. The attackers keep the ball in the middle of the floor away from trapping zones.
If 1 and 2 aren't open, 1 can go back and screen for 2.
If a defender overplays a cut off a screen towards the ball, the cutter (here 1) can break up court for a pass over the top.

Against a man-to-man press, one option when 1 or 2 gets the ball is for her teammates to clear out and let her bring the ball up. However, a patterned press break (as shown here) can be used against a man-to-man or zone press.
Attackers pass the ball up the floor until pressured then reverse it or find an open player. If 1 is dribbling towards a double team, she can pass to safety 5 (before the trap is set), who can then reverse the ball to 2 on the other side. 5 stays at least a step behind the level of the ball. Ideally 1 would also have the option of a pass to 4 on the ball side sideline, and to 3 positioned in or cutting to the middle from the weak side.

To attack the press, the receiver getting a pass out of a trap must face up court immediately and look for potential receivers. Move the ball quickly so that the defense is chasing it. The press break should result in a 3 on 2 or 2 on 1 advantage.
When the ball is reversed to 2, 1 can cut to the middle as a short option, 3 cuts back to the sideline, and 4 cuts to provide an up court middle option. 5 is still the safety option.
If 2 cuts diagonally into the middle of the press to create a passing lane, 3 needs to be ready to move into the backcourt as a reversal option.
If the defense denies the pass back to 5, then 1 needs to find 2, 3 or 4 for a pass. 2 cuts to the middle to create a passing angle. If 3 and 4 are guarded, they can post up in the open floor to get open (get close to get open) - body up to a defender then cut for the ball. If a defender is between you and the ball, run right at her then make a 90 degree cut.
An alternative start to the standard set has 2 and 1 stacked at the middle of the foul line, with 1 furthest from the ball. 1 breaks first, to the side opposite her defender, using her teammate as a screener if possible. If 1 cannot receive the ball, 2 cuts in the opposite direction.
If an inbounds passer is left unguarded, she can make the pass then cut up the middle of the floor for a quick return pass (give and go).
Play submitted by: Eric Johannsen
Sub categories: Press break, Offense

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