Animated basketball plays
Offense swing
Playname: Swing motion
This play starts with the following rotation.
The ball is played to the weak side.
Player 1 cuts for the give and go.
Player 2 fills the place of player 1.
Player 4 fills the place of player 2.
Player 5 sets a screen for player 1, who cuts outside the 3-point area, replacing 4.
Player 5 posts up at the ball side.
After the first rotation of the players the ball is played (swinged) to the other side of the court.

Followed by the same rotation but mirrored.
Low Post Option
1.Pick-n-roll (if nothing, 1 takes place of 2)
High Post Option
Player 3 sets a screen for player 5 and 5 cuts to the high post.
High Post Option (cont)
Post going back to low block (post can stay high, player must just shift side-to-side)
Options for High Post
1.Pick-n-roll with wing after point clears
2.High Post Split (5) goes to high post, receives pass...points run a high post split into the wings as the wings fill in as the new points (pictured)
3.If Post stays high, can utilize high post rub.
Play submitted by: Kyle Daniw
Sub categories: Offense motion, Offense man, Offense

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