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Playname: Vs. 3-2 or 1-2-2 zone
General Overview

When attacking a 3-2 or 1-2-2 zone, there are several important keys to being successful.  

1.  Recognizing the defense.  This defense can be easily disguised as man to man.  The initial set will help determine what sort of defense we are facing.  As soon as the offense recognizes the defense, it is important to attack it as the T-game is best suited to attack this type of zone.

2.  The 1 must choose a side and the 2 must immediately create the even men front.  The 1 must anticipate the trap and be ready to pass out of it if and when it comes.  The 2 must shorten the passing lane between him and 1 if the trap occurs.
3.  The biggest key to beating this zone defense is getting the ball into the center of the court, which in this case is the high post.  Initially it is advantageous to have your tallest player (5) in this position.  It will provide you a good outlet in the case of the trap.  Also getting the ball into this player really forces the defense to collapse and creates a 3 on 2 situation for the offense unless the one of the top 3 players collapse which will open up opportunities from the outside.

4.  Patience.  Being patient will undoubtedly produce layups or open jump shots.

1 brings the ball down and picks a side.

2 goes to the opposite wing.
When 1 picks a side the post player (3) on that low block cuts to the ball side corner.

The 5 will cut to the ball side elbow.

The opposite post player (4) remains temporarily on the weak side block.
If 1 passes to 2.

4 moves to the corner.

5 cuts to the ball.

3 moves to the off-side block.

2 looks to pass the ball to 4 in the corner or to 5 in the high post.
If 2 passes to 4.

5 dives to the block.

3 cuts to the high post.
4 looks to pass first to either 3 or 5. If not open 4 will pass the ball out of the corner.

3 and 5 are posting up hard and stay spread apart.

1 is responsible for the off-side rebound.

2 is responsible for being back on defense.
If the ball is passed out of the corner to 2, 2 will first look to pass to either 5 or 3.

5 and 3 are still posting up hard.

1 still has off-side rebounding responsibility.

2 still has back responsibility.
On ball reversal.

5 will go through to the corner.

3 cuts to the ball side ball.

4 goes to the off-side block for the weak side rebound or to seal the back side defender.
1 can pass to either 3 at the high post or to 5 in the corner.
On the pass to the corner.

3 will dive to the block.

4 will cut hard to the high post.
Now we have a box overload on the other side of the floor.
If the ball is passed to the high post.

4 looks first at 3 for the high to low pass.

2 should read the defense and find the open spot on the back side of the zone.

4 will also look to pass to 2 which will initiate the reversal of the offense.
Any time the ball is passed to the low post.

The high post, 4, will dive to the off-side block to rebound.

The 3 will look to score. If the defense collapses hard the 3 can pass out.
Play submitted by: Dickran Parunak
Sub categories: Offense zone 1-2-2, Offense zone 3-2, Offense zone

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