Animated basketball plays
Offense triangle
Playname: 2 back
We make this entry if they take away all other entries.  

All people move as normal.  
We then enter the ball to the two man in the corner.

If a team traps this entry, then we will try not to use this option.
4 sets a back screen for 1 and then 1 cuts to the basket for an easy lay-up.
1.  2 needs to make sure he dribbles up and gets to the wing area.  They can't be too low or our spacing with 1 in the corner won't be good and we won't get the pick and roll option.  

2.  4 sets a ball screen for 2 then rolls to the basket for a pick and roll option.

3.  1 replaces 2 in the corner for a throw back.

4.  5 goes down then comes up and sets a back screen for 3 who sets his man up like he is coming to the top of the key for a shot, then cuts back door off the screen for a possible lay-up.
2 has 4 options after the screen and roll:

1.  Pass to 4 on the pick and roll

2.  Pass to 5 for a shot at the elbow

3.  Pass to 3 in corner for a three pointer.

4.  Pass to 1 in the corner who looks to shoot or pass to 4 in the post.
1 dribbles up to the wing and 2, 3, 4 and 5 reset the triangle offense on the same side as it started.
Play submitted by: Craig Bruening

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