Animated basketball plays
Offense triangle
Playname: 3 split
1.  1 passes to 3 on the entry (5 is flashing at the same time as 3).

2.  3 passes to 4 who is flashing to the high post.
1.  3 plays a 2 man game with 4 and ends up on the wing if he doesn't get the ball.

2.  1 goes down to the baseline to set up his guy for a screen by 5.

3.  2 goes down and then curls over the top of 1 and 5 going down.

4.  1 then comes back up to the elbow off a screen by 5 and looks for a shot.
1.  5 flashes to the ball after the screen for 1.
Play submitted by: Craig Bruening

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