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Playname: 5th pass options
5th Pass Options

3 must make a fast decision as to which is the next BEST past that will lead to a score:
a) pass to 5 flashing into the middle,
b) pass to 1 coming off 2's screen, or
c) pass to 4 at the Pinch Post
5th Pass Options
a) pass to 5 flashing into the middle.

3 passes to 5 flashing into the middle.
5 generally executes a low-post move and shoots.
If 5 does not get the ball, he must return to his starting position.
5th Pass Options
b) pass to 1 coming off 2's screen

3 passes to 1 coming off 2's screen.
1 must look inside before shooting to see if 5 has pinned his man high.... in which case the pass should go to 5's low side.
Otherwise, if free, 1 can shoot.
5th Pass Options
c) pass to 4 at the Pinch Post

3 passes to 4 at the Pinch Post Spot.
3 cuts over the top to receive a handoff.
3 reads the defense and either drives to the basket or back dribbles out to the wing.
If the defense switches, 4 can role to the basket and 1 would relocate to the post.
If the 3's defensive man fights through, 4 should pop-out to the Point Spot to keep his man out of the 6th Pass play.

Occasionally, 4 can fake the handoff (to the left in this case) and pivot right for a jump shot.
Play submitted by: Curtis Perry
Sub categories: Offense man, Offense

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