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Playname: Open shot near the key
This is a play to run against a 2-3 defense or a 2-1-2.

It should result in an open shot close to the key.
For this play, 5 should be a good ball handler, and 3 should be a good shooter.

1 passes to either 3 or 5.
If the ball goes to 3, they pass it down to 5
2 and 4 switch, with 2 faking a cut to the middle only when 5 has the ball.
5 Drives to the lane, causing d2 and d5 to seal on him.

3 follows 5.
When d2 and d5 seal off 5, then 5 will quickly dump a pass to 3

If d2 and d5 don't seal, then 5 continues to the hoop.
3 then takes a shot.

1 comes in as a safety.
Play submitted by: Jevon Hawboldt

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