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Offense zone
Playname: Pittsburgh
Zone offense Pittsburgh

1. Player 3 will bring the ball up the left side.
2. Once the defender commits, Player 3 passes to Player 1.

3. As the pass is being thrown player 4 comes up to set a screen on the outside high defender
4. Player 1 dribbles off the screen.  If nobody steps up to guard him, he drives to the basket for a layup or pulls up for a short jump shot.

5. As soon as player 1 starts his dribble Player 5 will cut underneath the hoop to the BALL SIDE LOW BLOCK.

6. Player 2 will float to the corner.

7. From here Player 1 can either drive/shoot, kick out to player 2 or pass inside to player 5.
Play submitted by: Tony Markowsky
Sub categories: Offense, Pittsburgh

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