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Offense zone
Playname: Short corner zone
Start in Hi/Low set vs. 2-3 zone.

Enter ball to a wing.  5 cuts to short corner (baseline area between key and 3 pt. line).  4 looks to seal high post defender.

Perimeter players are encouraged to penetrate into the gaps of the zone after receiving a reversal pass.
2 looks to short corner first, then high post, then looks to reverse through 1, or by skip pass to 3.

You should reverse the ball at least once to force the defense to shift and possibly lose track of the baseline runner (5).
On reversal, the low defender (3) is forced to play the wing until 1 bumps.
This is the ideal time for the baseline runner to slide behind the low defenders to the short corner.

The high post player would also move to the ball side elbow and look to seal a defender; in this case it will be defender 2.
If and when the off. 5 receives ball in the short corner, the first look is to the 4 cutting to the hoop after sealing the high post defender - lay-up!

Encourage your wing players to wait until the 5 man is established in the short corner before reversing the basketball.  If they don't, it takes a lot of pressure off of the baseline defenders in the zone.
If short corner player is unavailable, the high post may be.  If we get the ball here, the defense is in a world of trouble!

On a pass to high post, 4 should look for own shot, check for 5 cutting to basket, or 2 on the weak side wing.

If pass ends up on weak side wing, 5 would again cut to short corner while 4 would move to ball-side elbow.

Players must be taught to use multiple ball fakes to force the zone defenders to shift around, giving up possible openings in the zone, especially in the high post area.
Play submitted by: Brett Hoffman

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