Animated basketball plays
Offense zone
Playname: Special strong 3
A Called option in our Zone Offense "Punch"

3 must be a strong ball handler, able and willing to draw the zone defender to her.

2 must be a confident, able shooter, willing to cut hard and hit the baseline shot.
2 cuts through the key and out to the baseline, filling the spot that 3 just left.
3 can fake a pass to 1, then passes to 2, who has filled the baseline spot.

5 seals on the center defender, and releases if she fights.
3 and 1 respond to 2's cut, filling the next open spots in the "punch" set.
5 then IMMEDIATELY LOOKS for the next girl to seal.

4 assumes there will be a shot and crashed from the top.
Play submitted by: Jennifer Lloyd

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