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Offense zone
Playname: Yeomen zone
The guard-to-guard pass initiates the offense.

1 cuts through to the Russian (Short Corner).
4 waits to flash high until the zone shifts to the dribble attack on the wing from 2.
2 has to make a decision on who is open, 4 or 5, or perhaps a skip to 3.

Hopefully the pass goes into the high post.
4 has to be tough with the ball and be very aggressive and look to attack the opposite block of 5 if the pass down the lane is not available.
It usually is though. You'd be surprised how many wings fall asleep and let the pass go down the lane. If it is there 5 has a lay-up, if it isn't there than 1 may be able to duck in for a lay-up.

The exchange of 1 and 3 is meant to confuse the defense and should happen almost as 4 is squaring up to the basket.
Again it is up to 4 to read the situation and decide who is open, 3 for a lay-up or 1 for a shot.
Once the defense adjusts 1 should be open on the wing.

At this point 3 vacates to the corner only briefly to see if a post up opportunity is available for 5 flashing across the key. 1 makes a decision, pass to corner for a post entry or shot, or pass directly to the post.

4 should not vacate the high post until it is necessary, by occupying the high post it makes the skip an option or high post shot again an option. Once the ball comes back to 1, 4 pops to become a reversal passer to get the offense going again.
However, re-post opportunities may be there from high to low, keep the options open.
To reset and make similar cuts 4 can again flash to the high after either a ball reversal or pass back.

Passing back keeps the zone overloaded for a brief second which may open up a scoring opportunity. 3 on the cut through may be open as well.

If 4 can dribble attack to the foul line the duck in may be available, you need a mobile 4, it seems stagnant, but the idea is to force confusion and the defense to decide who they guard.
If you lull them to sleep they will give you something.
Now is when it gets interesting.
Sending 2 in after 3 has cleared is interesting. How does each zone player react?

If 3 is a shooter you will pull the top guard out and maybe even the wing.
With 2 slashing under the zone it is tough to defend when you can't see it.
Again 4 has to keep his eyes up and aware of options.
1 can also flare to the corner to be a threat.
This is a great option the post low flash.
You may get an alley-hoop opportunity with your 4 diving as the low flash occurs.
The wing is in trouble here, especially if your 3 can dribble attack the gap briefly to draw D. 2 should be open, 5 can probably get great post position either for a wing entry, or again from the high low. 1 again is available on the skip.

This whole offense is basically about making decisions. That is why I don't change the pattern. If you play smart you will get something.
Play submitted by: Adam Urbach

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