Animated basketball plays
Offense zone
Playname: Zone offense-bc-3-2
"BC" vs. a 3-2 zone

Same movement as against the 2-3, but here the screening angles are different.

5 screens away, and then rolls back to the middle of the lane.
4 cuts to the short corner.
3 dives to the weak side block.
On ball reversal, 4 x-outs,
5 screens middle, 3 x-cuts off of 4.
2 runs baseline to opposite wing.
5 gets to ball side block
3 slides down the lane.
4 reverse to 2.
Offense continues to the left side.
5 screens the middle. 3 cuts to the short corner.
4 dives to replace 3.
1 replaces 4.
Play submitted by: L. Obermayer

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