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Offense zone
Playname: Zone offense
- fast break before the zone can set up
- be patient
- keep good spacing
- overload then reverse the ball
- create triangles with the ball at one corner
- crash the offensive boards
- attack the defense from behind
- move the ball with quick passes
- pass inside then back out
- use pass and shot fakes (the zone is ball oriented)
- align in and attack seams
- dribble at a gap to make two defenders play you, then pass
- get the ball into the post
When a wing entry pass is made, the weak side forward (here 5) cuts towards the ball side elbow for a pass, and the weak side wing pinches in for a possible pass if 5 gets the ball.
The two forwards are partners.

If the ball is passed to 4 in the corner, she can drive or shoot, pass to forward 5 cutting to the basket or at the elbow for a shot, or pass to weak side wing 3 behind the defense.
If the ball is passed to forward 5 at the elbow, she can drive or take a shot, pass to forward 4 driving to the basket or in the corner for a shot, or pass to weak side wing 3.
4 can post up at the ball side block, then duck into the lane for a pass from 5.
Or if 4 gets the ball at the block, the high post would dive to the basket looking for a pass.
If the ball is reversed to the other side, the forward in the corner runs the baseline to the other corner, and the forward at the elbow moves across to the other elbow, creating a new attacking triangle on the other side of the floor.

If need be, the high post can first come out top to help reverse the ball.

A 'skip' pass from wing to wing is an effective way to reverse the ball if a pass of that distance can be made.
Another way to create an overload on the other side of the floor is for the forwards to X-cut.

If the high post dives to the low post position when the ball is reversed, the baseline forward cuts to the new ball side elbow.
A 1-4 set with two high posts can be used if making an entry pass is a problem.

On a pass to a wing, the ball side post moves to the corner, the weak side post slides across the foul line to the ball side elbow.
If the entry pass is made to one of the high posts, the other post dives to the ball side corner (or low post).
Play submitted by: Eric Johannsen

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