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Out of bounds baseline
Playname: Baseline out of bounds 031
IB play "Slip"

Helpful if 2 and 3 have good shooting range.

5,4 - Screen outside defenders to free up 1.
3 - Inbounder
2 - Dives to the basket.
1 - Finds opening at wing
1 - Might have a quick look, but other options are more effective.

2 - Runs off of 5's screen to baseline corner.

3 - Sneaks wide weak side behind defenders.

D3 will try to cheat over the top of the screen.

When this happens, 5 sprints to the middle zone defender and screens for 4 diving the lane line.

After 2 receives the pass, they look for their shot or to dump the ball to 4.
If the pass from 2 to 4 is not open, 5 moves up the paint to set a screen at the high post.

2 reverses the ball back to 1.

1 Runs a pick and roll with 5.

If D5 follows 5 high, 4 should back screen for 3.

Off of the screen, 1 should luck for 2 cutting back door, their own pull-up jumper, or a draw and kick to 3.
If the shot goes up, 4 is in great weak side rebounding position.

If 3 is not open, 4 likely closed out.

2 continues to cut across the paint, and could be open behind D4 briefly.

Or the ball can go to 5 flashing to the strong high post for a high low with 4.
Play submitted by: Kevin Jorgensen

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