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Out of bounds
Playname: Sideline out of bounds 1
1 Leads to the ball, and is then back screened by 2. 4&5 remain in a double low screen at this stage.
1 goes hard at the basket off the back screen with a possible lob pass and score.

If 1does not receive the pass, he would flair wide to receive the ball reversal.
2 steps high and receives the pass from 3
2 reverses the ball to 1

With ball reversal 3 cuts hard off the double low screen.

If open he would catch and score.
If 5 defense sags to cover 3 then 5 would step to the free throw area for the easy shot.
4 turns and faces after the screen for 5.
2 remains high as a safety.

5 would catch and shoot or have two receivers at the low post area.

In this case the ball goes to 3.
Play submitted by: Gary Windsor

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