Animated basketball plays
Out of bounds
Playname: Sideline out of bounds 30
Dynamo 18 SOB 2008-2009

Player 3 starts with a fake cut towards the base line, and then uses players 5, 1 and 4 to cut down low.

After player 3 has passed, 4 steps out and receives the ball from 2.

After passing, 2 sets a screen for 3.

3 uses the screen and takes a hand off of 4.
2 steps outside the 3-point area.

The moment 3 takes the hand off 1 uses the screen of 5 and goes either to the baseline or to the forward position for a 3-pointer.

5 steps out to receive the ball from 3 and might swing it to 1.
Play submitted by: David Dedek
Sub categories: Offense, Dynamo

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