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An overview of the coaching books reviewed by jes-basketball.

Other coaching books
Encyclopedia of Defensive Basketball Drills Encyclopedia of Defensive Basketball Drills
by Burral Paye

A hard covered book with 172 defensive basketball drills.
Each drill is very well explained, with diagrams if they are needed. All types of defense have their place in this book, from man to man to, 1-2-2 zone, full court presses and transition defense.
One of the strong points of this very good book is the reference system, for example the fundamental drills are cross-referenced to the different defensive systems.
I don't think this book is for a beginning coach, you will need some basketball background and should have started on your own defensive philosophy. But when you have one this book will give you the drills needed to teach and implement it.
My rating 4.75/5

cover Basketball : Steps to Success
by Hal Wissel (Preface)

The first thing I saw when I opened this books were the error correction boxes. These hints help to notice mistakes and, more important, also tell how to correct them. I usually check the error-corrections to refresh my mind before going to practice.
The topics in the book range from the fundamentals, passing offense and defensive shell drills, all well explained with pictures and diagrams .
My rating 4.5/5

cover Basketball: Multiple Offense and Defense
Dean Smith

Based on the previous edition I would say this is a must have for a coach. You might not want to copy all the offense and defense options, but you will use some of it. If not your opponent will and you should know what to do about it.
The book helped me to construct a good defense against a 1 - 4 offense.
My rating 4.5/5

cover Sacred Hoops : Spiritual Lessons of a Harwood Warrior
Phil Jackson and Hugh Delehanty

With chapters starting with thoughts like For the raindrop, joy is entering the river. and One finger can't lift a pebble. I thought this book might be a bit to deep for me. It is actually very good and relaxing to read. Lots of small nice anecdotes about the Bulls and at the same time you will get a little insight behind the coaching ideas/philosophy of Phil Jackson.
My rating 4.5/5

cover The Basketball Coach's Bible
Sidney Goldstein

If you want to know how the fundamentals in basketball should work this book is for you. Lots of diagrams of players, feet and arms to explain each movement. You might disagree with the way some fundamentals are taught, but try them some will work some not.
One more note: if you buy the Coach's Bible, you don't have to buy any other books (Player's Bible, Dribbling Guide, etc..) in the serie as they are part of the Coach's Bible.
My rating 4/5

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