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Defense press
Playname: 1-2-1-1 zone press
1-2-1-1 ZONE PRESS:

- force the offense to speed up their game.
- force a dribbler to the sideline every time.
- double-team a dribbler at sideline.
- force the offense to make bad passes.
- make it hard for the opponent team to run their set-play.
- do not try to steal the ball by reaching in.
- anticipate offense long or bad passes for interceptions.

- let the in bounce pass be open then force the guard to dribble to one side.
- 2nd row on ballside has to stop the dribble at sideline and double-team with first row.
- 2nd row weak-side steps to middle lane.
- 4 steps to ballside denying a long line pass.
- 5 stays in helping position denying a long skip pass.
- After double-teaming at side 1 jumps off the ball sprinting back to match up with an open man there.
- 4 and 5 deny easy passes on ballside and under the basket.
- 2 has two men on weakside looking for an interception from a bad pass
- 3 stops ball and double-team.
If a cross-court pass is made, 1and 2 double team at other side and force the offense to the sideline.
3,4 and 5 stay in front of the offense players denying an easy pass.
If the offense team is able to make it to the backcourt, the defense sets as a regular zone e.g. 2-3-zone.
Submitted by: Tobias Jahnke
Category: Defense press
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