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Offense special
Playname: 1-3-1 half press 3 w 4 roll
Offense against a 1-3-1 half-court press.

1 calls play with fist.
2 sets 1st pick on point defender.

5 starts to cut to far right corner.
2 holds pick on point defender.

4 cuts out to wing for 2nd pick.

5 cuts out to corner.
1 continues past 1st pick and past 2nd pick from 4 .

3 cuts towards basket.

5 stays open in corner.
1 is stopped by a defender and 4 rolls towards foul line.
1 is cut off by defender and passes to 5 in corner or 4.

4 rolls off pick to foul line with hand up.

3 cuts towards left side of basket.
4 faces basket and shoots or drives to basket OR
passes to 3 or 5.

2 follows play into lane for rebound.

In this case 4 passes to 3, who scores.
Submitted by: John Quigley
Category: Offense special
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