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Offense 1-3-1
Playname: 1-3-1 offense
1-3-1 Offense
It is important that the wing players stay out wide at all times. This to allow maximum use of the court.
The one will pass the ball to the three and the four will cut to the sideline.
The three passes the ball to the four and then cuts towards the basket. If the three is open, the four will bounce pass to them and the three will drive for a layup.
As the three is cutting to the basket, the one takes the threes place and the two takes the ones place.
The five follows after the three as a second option to the four making a pass.
If there is no pass available to the three or five, the four passes the ball to the one to start a reversal of the basketball.
The three continues through the lane to the other wing.
The five is following through the lane as well.
The one passes the ball to the two at the top of the key.
The three makes her way to the other wing while the five makes her way to the elbow.
The two passes the ball to the three for the open jumper.
The four runs the baseline to look for a pass if the open jumper isn't there.
The five is back at the foul line looking for the ball if the open jumper is not there.
The three takes the open jumper.
If there isn't an open jumper, then the three passes to the four and cuts towards the hoop.
The five and four crash the boards for the rebound if the shot is taken.
The five follows the three through the lane if the pass is made instead of the shot, the two takes the threes place and the one takes the twos place, and the cycle starts again from the left side.
If the rebound is there either put it back up or kick it back out to start the cycle over again.
Submitted by: Jim Fenton
Category: Offense 1-3-1
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