Basketball plays and drills
Offense 1-3-1
Playname: 1-3-1 offense for (3p) shot
This is a 1-3-1 offense play for an open 3-point shot.
We set up with dual low post screens.

1 dribbles hard towards 3's side.

3 & 2  react to the dribble.

3 uses the low screens.
2 v cuts high for ball reversal.
1 passes to 2 who reverse to 3 for the three-point shot.

4 & 5 turn out to face 3 for a post feed.
If 3 is not open.

2 & 4 make a double screen in the high-post
and 1 takes the ball for a 3p shot.
Submitted by: Panayotis Cophinas
Category: Offense 1-3-1
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