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Offense 1-4
Playname: 1-4 offense for center
Dribble entry, 1 dribbles to 2 who cuts.

4 takes the place of 1.
2 sets a back screen for 5 who cuts to the baseline if the passing option is there 1 passes to 5.

After the screen 2 goes to the high post position.
5 didn't receive the ball.

4 sets a screen for 2
1 passes to 2.

2 has 2 passing options, (and a 3-point shot if free).
Straight to 4, there could be a mismatch or to the other side to 3.
Pass goes to 3.

4 plays pick and roll with 3.

While 3 passes the screen 1 goes to the corner and 2 takes 1's position.

After the screen 3 has 3 passing options.
• To the rolling 4.
• 5 who ducks in.
• 2 outside the 3-point area.

If 3 is free takes the shot.

If 2 gets the ball and can't make a shot pass to 1.
Submitted by: Kostas Kalogeropoulos
Categories: Offense 1-4, Offense man
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