Basketball plays and drills
Offense 1-4
Playname: 1-4 personal
Player 1 passes to the 2, player 3 is going to make a screen for 4 and 1 sets a screen for 5.
Player 2 with the ball has the following options
a) give the ball to the penetration 4
b) pass the ball to 5 for a three points shot.
If player 2 cannot pass the ball to 4 he passes to player 5.
The 5 passes to 1 and uses the screen of 3 to enter the bucket,
At the same time 4 sets a backscreen for 2
which also enters the bucket.
Player 1 can pass short to 5 or long to 2
Player 4 goes back for the defensive balance. 5 moves to the forward positon of 4. 2 goes to the low post postion.
The 1 player can pass to 2 for a shot from the corner or back to 4 so the play can start over again.
1 passes to 4 and the position can be taken again.
Submitted by: Manuel Fernando Gomez
Category: Offense 1-4
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