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Defense zone
Playname: 2-3 basic movement 1
This is a basic defense that will work for almost any team.  It promotes team work and help defense.

When the defense is initially set up, the 1 and 2 guards are at the free throw line.  3 and 4 are the wings, 5 is in the middle.
When the ball is passed to the right wing, the 2 and 4 players play the ball. 1 denies the cross court pass, 3 denies the high post and 5 denies the low post.
This is the base set up again.
If offensive player 1 tries to penetrate the defense, defenders 1 and 2 just close up and get side by side.
When the ball goes to the left wing the players rotate over. 1 and 3 are now on the ball and 2 denies the cross court pass, 4 denies the high post and 5 denies the low post.
Wherever the ball goes on the half court this defense will always look like a 2-3 zone. Two people will always be on the ball and the other 3 will be lined up.
Submitted by: David Smith
Category: Defense zone
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