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Offense man
Playname: 2-3 offense tiger
The offense is started with a pass to the ball side wing #3.
Option 1:

The weak side guard cuts off screen set by high post 5.

The wing can pass to the cutter 1 for the backdoor layup
Option 2:

The weak side wing #4 cuts above the foul line using 5 as a screen.

The high post has turned to face the ball side wing.

The ball side wing can pass to #4 for the midrange jumper at the elbow.
Option 3:

If this pass is not open the wing 3 dribbles back to top.

He is replaced by #1.

Player #2 sets a down screen for the post #5 (note: to set his player up for the screen player #5 should take one step into the paint before coming off screen).
Option 4:

Player 3 passes to 5 who has relocated to the top.

After setting the down screen #2 waits until the ball reversal to #5 and then fades to the wing.
#5 passes to #2 (wing) and we have the same motion on this side with # 3 looking for backdoor pass and score

This motion can continue until the desired shot is available.

Can also be used to run time off clock
Submitted by: Howanda
Category: Offense man
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