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Playname: 2
#1 brings the ball over half court to start the play in motion.  Once #1 has dribble over the half court mark #4 sets a pick for #3 to break out to the wing and #5 flashes to the free throw line for the pass.  The first option should be #5.
If #5 is not open for the pass then #1 will pass to #3. When the pass goes to #3, #2 will set a pick for #1 for the break to the basket. #4 is posting hard at the block for a possible pass and #5 is the security blanket for the entire play. If #3 gets stuck and doesn't have anyone to pass it to she can always go to #5 and the play continues the exact same way. The option to #4 is always there depending on her willingness to "duck in" or half flash to the ball.
Depending on who has the ball. The pass to the cutter can come from the #3 position or the #5 position. It doesn't matter because the play will continue from either pass. The option for #4 is always there... it depends on her willingness to "duck in" or half flash to the ball.
If #1 doesn't receive the ball on the cut she will continue to the baseline. Let's say that #3 had the ball but couldn't make that pass to #1 on the cut. #3 will pass the ball to #1 at the baseline for a shot. #1 has the option to shoot the ball or pass to #4 at the block. #5 will always flash down a bit for a consideration pass in the paint. What if neither option is open?
#1 didn't have a shot and couldn't pass to #4 at the block. She swings the ball back to #3 #5 pops out to the 3 point range to swing the ball and passes to #2 on the cut to the basket.
#2 and #1 are cutting at the same time in different directions. The play may never get this far at the 10u age bracket but it is good to see the ending.
The pass could come from #5 to #2 or #1. The option to #4 is always available. And #5 has the option to shoot.
Submitted by: Kirkland Parker
Category: Offense zone
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