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Defense zone
Playname: 20-2-3 zone
"20" is our 2-3 zone. Here we have our guards ready to defend the three point line, and the back row of the zone should line up with the first marker above the block. This forces the offense to start further than they want.

Can be effective against an aggressive penetrating team. Players will use our man to man principles when playing zone.
As the offense comes down the court the zone has to match-up. The arrows indicate the appropriate matchups for this alignment.
Communication is key when playing zone. The defense must be talking to each other.
If 1 passes the ball to 2 the defense would stay with their matchups, but if 1 passes to 3 then BUMPING begins.
x1 would bump x4 down. x4 does not leave until x1 tells him to.
BUMPING will occur only when a back line defender is out guarding a perimeter player.
In this situation the offense has a high post (5). x5 will match-up with 5.
x1 and x2 will help x5 by trying to get a hand in any passing lane to 5.
x5 will keep 5 as far away from the basket as possible on any shots taken by the offense.
If the offense overloads a side by sending a cutter through, it is very crucial that the defenders communicate. x2 must yell "cutter" and he must bump or slow down the cutter. x3 and x5 will also look to slow down the cutter.
x1 bumps x4 down, and x2 rotates up. x4 will match up with 2 in the corner.
If they overload to the opposite side. x2 does not bump. x4 yells "cutter" and slows down 3's progress. x3 will match-up with 3 on the perimeter, x5 will slide over and x4 takes the opposite low post (5).
Submitted by: L. Obermayer
Category: Defense zone
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