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Playname: 30 series play 32
This play of the 30 series (or curl series) is a high post option with a double give and go option by the post man.  The play will be reset so that it can be run to the other side or another play in the series can be called.

(4) will cut to the high post off a screen by (5).  (4) can use any way to get to the high post.  (1) will pass to (4).  This starts the play.

(5) after setting the screen will move to either short corner for spacing.  The side (5) moves to will determine which side the play will be run.
Immediately after passing the ball to (4), (1) will cut to the basket off of (4), looking for a give and go pass from (4).
(1) will cut off the shoulder of (4) opposite of the side that (5) is on.

It is critical that the wings notice which shoulder (1) cuts off of as this dictates which wing will follow (1).

(1) will have a shot or, if (5)'s defender steps in to cover (1), (1) should have a pass to (5) for a lay-up.  
This should be a quick scoring play.  (5) must be alert for the pass.
In this example, (1) cut off of (4)'s right shoulder. This means the wing on that side of the floor (3), will cut off of (4)'s left shoulder on a give and go.

(1) will move to the wing vacated by the second cutter (3).
If (4) does not give the ball to either (1) or (3) on the give and go options, he will dribble to the point.

(3) will reverse to the high post.
(4) will pass to the wing the second cutter came from, in this case (1).

(3) will set a back screen for (4) cutting to the basket.  
(1) will attempt to hit (4) on the cut.

(4) must look for (5) if (5)'s man steps in.  (5) must be alert for the pass.

(3) will step to the point after setting the back screen.

If (4) does not receive the pass, he will move to the low block on ball side.
If (4) is not open, he will set a cross screen for (5).  (1) will look for (5) on the block.  (4) will clear to the other side.

If nothing is open, (1) will reverse the ball to (3) at the point.

The play is now ready to be started again to the other side or have another play in the 30 series called.
Submitted by: Mark Bradley and Gary Schulte
Categories: Offense man, Offense
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