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Playname: 4-out/1-in motion
Diagram 1
Our 4-Out/1-In Motion Offense is set up as shown.

The 4 perimeter players space themselves 15 to 18 feet apart, while the post player, generally, follows the ball as it moves around the perimeter.
Diagram 2
Here we examine the 1st of the cut options.  

After passing to the same side, the passer should cut to the opposite side.  When a player vacates an area, the nearest player without the ball should fill the void.  Here we see 1 cutting after the pass to the corner.  If 1 does not receive the "give-and-go" pass back from 3, then 2 should be open as he fills 1's vacated area. Meanwhile, 4 fills for 2 as 1 fills for 4.
Diagram 3
The next cut option occurs when the pass is made to the opposite side.

After making this pass 1 cuts through the lane to the same side.  Here 3 fills as one vacates his area.  Notice 4 v-cutting to get open.  If a player does not have a vacated area to fill, he should "cut-and-replace" himself.
Diagram 4
After passing, if the passer is well defended, he may elect to screen away instead of cut.

Here 1 passes to 3 and then sets a cross-screen for 2.  1 must be sure to screen the defender of 2.  2 can either curl the screen or fill the vacated area.
Diagram 5
Here we see 1 setting a down screen after passing to 2.

Notice how 3 sets up his screen and v-cuts off the screen.  3 may curl, pop or flare depending on how the defender plays the screen.
Diagram 6
Notice here how a staggered screen is created when both 2 and 1 decide to screen away.

4 must recognize this and cut off both screens.  This happens frequently as long as everyone keeps moving.  Remember that the moment that you stop is the moment that you have messed up.  Keep moving and good things will happen.
Diagram 7
Here we see 2 down screening for 4.

Note that 1 cuts opposite at the same time 2 screens.  This cut forces 4 to come all the way to the area 1 vacated.  2 replaces himself as 1 fill the opposite corner.  Another option could have 2 setting a second screen for the cutting 1.  1 would then fill the vacated top left side.
Diagram 8
Here the 4 passes the ball back to the top.

Although the 4 has nowhere to cut, he still must not stand.  The 4 will "cut-and-replace" himself in the corner.  Meanwhile, the weak-side players must also keep moving in order to occupy their defenders.  Here we see 1 setting a down screen for 3.
Diagram 9
When a player is denied a pass, he should take one more step out, plant his foot, and cut hard behind the defender and toward the basket.  

This is known as a backdoor cut.  We say, "When overplayed, go backdoor!".  Here we seeing 2 backdoor cutting his defender and receiving a pass from 4.
Diagram 10
In general, 5 works hard to establish post position between the ball and basket.  

We call this "the line of deployment".
Diagram 11
At times the 5 may elect not to post on the ball-side of the floor, instead choosing to position himself on the weak-side.  

This option provides for strong weak-side rebounding should 3 or 1 shoot and clears room a cutter to score.  Also 5 will now be in great position to seal his defender as the ball is reversed as shown in this diagram.  5 should also flash into open gaps when the opportunity presents itself.  We are always looking to pass to 5 inside.
Diagram 12
5 has the option to "pick-and-roll" the corner periodically.  

5 must set this ball-screen on the high side of the ball-handler since there will be little room to drive on the baseline side.
Diagram 13
5 should always position himself ball-side, in the high post, anytime a guard is experiencing intense ball-pressure or if the guard is being trapped.  

5 is the pressure release valve in such situations. If 5 receives a pass, he should pivot and look to the opposite side for a pass
Diagram 14
Once a shot is taken, 3,4, and 5 form a rebounding triangle.  

1 and 2 start to move back for defensive purposes.  One of the guards rebounds an elbow, while the other moves back to the half-court line.
Submitted by: Jonathan Twilley
Category: Offense motion
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