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Fullcourt press
Playname: 50 press
We are not contesting the inbounds pass.
Initially, we are going to try and keep one pressure point on the ball and selectively trap when we see the opportunity i.e. the ballhandler turns his back to 1 or trap on sides with 3 and 4.
We are trying to keep the ball out of the middle but will allow the ball to go up the sides for a trap.
The two back men can lay low watching the eyes of the ballhandler and enticing him to throw your way.
Don't try and prevent the backwards pass, 10 seconds is on our side.
Notice the almost equal spacing of our front four defenders and the box that is shaped. As the ball moves, each defender should move with it, but keeping the right spacing. This is key to being able to steal the ball, keep it out of the middle and prevent a fastbreak.
1 is on the ball
2 is allowing the pass back, but has slid over to protect the middle
3 has moved slightly forward to trap and help possibly with 04
4 has shifted all the way to defend or intercept the pass to 04
5 has shifted behind 05 and can defend or intercept the pass to 05
Notice 2 has almost equal spacing between 01 and 03. 2 would almost rather be closer to 03 then 01 and tempt 02 to make the pass back to 01 if he can from the trap.
5 should be behind 05 so he can come running from behind and intercept a pass to 05. The same is true of 4 and 04.
If a pass is made to 05 or 04, the 1,2 and 3 must sprint back while 4 and 5 contain their men.
Submitted by: Daniel Brown
Category: Fullcourt press
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