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Offense man
Playname: Amber
Point-guard commits to one side of court, with 2,3 and 5 men all being foul-line high.

4 man trails behind 1 man and waits for pass to 2 man before he makes the next move.
Soon as 2 man receives pass from 1, 5 steps out to set back screen on 4 mans defensive player.

4 cuts to ball side low post, either looking for an early pass for lay-up, or posting up strong.

3 man drops to base line.
4 man stays for a count of 2sec in post then will move outside three-point line to free inside.  

As soon as 4 man cuts off of 5, he turns to set a staggered down screen with 1 for the 3 man, who has set his defensive player up by dropping down to the baseline.  He then looks to curl cut off of both screens.  

(If curl off 5 is on, then take that option.  Offense must make a read on what the defense is doing.)
3 man continues curling then replaces himself in original position.  

After screening, 1 man rolls open looking to be an inside option, then continues out to point-guard spot.  5 man also rolls, but attempts to get a seel on defender under basket.  

If pass not on, he continues up to high post ready to set back screen on 2 after ball is reversed.
No options, ball is then reversed.
Now we are back at the start of this continuity offense, with the innitial back screen.
If ball is passed to base line player after they step out...

5 goes to the low post, no pass from 2 make room.
Submitted by: Darren Govan
Category: Offense man
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