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Big man drills
Playname: Bang and run
Big man drill that makes the player react to different kind of commands from the coach.

Keep the ball up when banging the ball against the board

Make a proper outlet and run away from the basketball.
Outlet and quick run to the top of the key.
Even in this position you can expect a pass when ducking in or making a give and go.

Dunk if you can do it.
Post up to the ball. Catch the basketball and make different kind of moves.

See the court, remember the elbows, and keep the ball up. Pivot foot the inside foot.

Turn a round, up and under, hook, dribble (one) over the opponent and you can still do the same kind of moves.
When going in with the dribble head to the opposite elbow.
If no, score tip the ball in.

Then start again.

Make it three to five times and switch.
Submitted by: Jukka Mantere
Category: Big man drills
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