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Out of bounds baseline
Playname: Baseline out of bounds 052

Players line up down lane.

In bounder needs to be aware of the board so overhead pass is not blocked.
On go....2 sets screen for 5....5 has to wait for 2 to get there.  

At the same time, 3 and 4 quickly move away from the basket...low and high.

2 and 5 always move in direction toward the basket.  

3 and 4 always move in direction away from basket.
5 moves around screen set by 2 and starts looking for pass.
Option 1:  

Pass to 5 for easy shot.
As soon as 5 clears screen, 2 turns around and works back to the ball....looking for the pass.
Option 2:

pass to 2 under basket.
Option 3:

Pass to 3 on wing.
Option 4:

Pass to 4 as the safety valve for the inbound.
This play moves quick, but gives 4 options to inbound the ball.  

Inbounder has to work each option quickly and respond to defense.
Submitted by: James Little
Category: Out of bounds baseline
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