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Out of bounds baseline
Playname: Baseline out of bounds 058
Baseline out of bounds - baseline 1-1.

This inbounds play relies on picks, cuts, and flashing to the ball.  The quick rotation leaves multiple options for layup possibilities and clean passing lanes.

#3 cuts to the hoop off of #5's pick.  (option 1)

#4 cuts to the near corner.  (option 2)

#2 holds for half-second.
#3 continues through the lane to the low post and circles around free-throw circle.  (option 5)

#2 cuts to the hoop off of #5's pick.  (option 3)

Once #2 is by, #5 rolls to low corner to pick for #4.

#4 cuts to the hoop as shown.  (option 4)
#2 continues to loop back to the top of the key.  (option 8)

#4 continues to the low post.  (option 6)

#5 cuts back to the near elbow and picks for #3.

#3 flashes to the corner.  (option 7)
Submitted by: Northglade
Category: Out of bounds baseline
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